Tesco Deals & Offers This Week

  • Tesco Chocolate Tubs of Sweets, Half Price Offers

    Every Christmas we all love to enjoy tubs of Chocolate sweets, although they never start of at a great price until you get closer to the big day, or in this case just after. Tesco chocolate tubs of sweets are now half price at Tesco with in-store offers seeing prices starting at £2.50 for a […] More

  • Tesco Selling Large Boxes of Fruit from £3

    We spotted some great prices on large boxes of fruit in-store at Tesco and some start from just £3 for 1KG fruit boxes. The selection includes Grapes, Strawberries, and Cherries. Tesco even had Large Pineapples reduced from £1.50 to ONLY 49p, as seen in the photo above. These photos were taken in the Tesco Extra […] More